Solar Dynamics: The Hottest Choice!

The Solar Dynamics Hot Water System is known to be the hottest solar hot water system. Its performance is temperature guaranteed which means that you are assured of the best quality and highest performance.

solar dynamics hot water system
Built to Last

A Solar Dynamics Limited Hot Water System is built to last, with magnesium anodes, polyurethane insulation, aluminium, steel and glass. Fusion bonding technology increases the conduction of solar heat to the water and we offer guaranteed temperatures.

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fsec tested solar dynamics heaters
Florida Energy Centre Tested

The Florida Solar Energy Centre (FSEC Test #00054 ), tested the Single Panel Solar Dynamics Hot Water System and found it produced 863.5 BTU per sq. ft. and had the lowest heat loss of 3.2 BTU per hr ˚F. Our systems are the most efficient flat plate solar collectors in the Caribbean.

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two types of solar dynamics hot water systems
Two Types of Installations

Solar Dynamics Limited offers two types of installations – natural circulation, where the storage tank is located slightly above the solar collector panel; and the pumped or split circulation, where the storage tank is in a location other than the roof.

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What’s in the Solar Dynamics System?

How Solar Dynamics Hot Water Systems are made