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  • UNEP Report on Solar Water Heating in the Tourism Industry

    This report points to the savings that solar water heating provides to hotels. More specifically, it examines the benefits two hotels, Bay Gardens Hotel & Inn in St Lucia and Elegant Resorts - Turtle Beach, in Barbados received by installing Solar Dynamics Hot Water Systems.

  • Managers & Lecturers Tour Solar Dynamics Ltd

    In January 2016 participants in the IDB BRIDGE Project for Capacity Building in ICT & Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean, SEED (Student Entrepreneurial Empowerment Development Project) in Barbados and from the Edinburgh Napier University toured Solar Dynamics Limited.

  • Why is Solar Dynamics Ltd Still #1?

    A Solar Dynamics Limited Hot Water System is built to last, with magnesium anodes, polyurethane insulation, aluminium, steel and glass. Fusion bonding technology increases the conduction of solar heat to the water. We offer guaranteed temperatures.

  • FSEC Tested

    The Florida Solar Energy Center has tested and certified Solar Dynamics Hot Water Systems. Of the four tested systems, the Solar Dynamics 66 gallon Hot Water System was certified to produce 863.5 BTU (British Thermal Unit) per sq.ft - the Caribbean's highest performing system.

    FSEC is one of the USA's leading certification laboratories for solar products.

  • Split Circulation System

    The “split” Solar Dynamics Hot Water System is designed to meet the aesthetic needs of customers who prefer to have the storage tank in a location other than the roof. The split system is also suited to installations where the angle of the roof is very steep.

  • Barbados Goes Green

    earthrise, a television programme by Al Jazeera, travels to Barbados to see how the tiny island has become a world leader in solar thermal technology. Solar Dynamics Limited is featured in the second segment.

  • Hot Water Systems for Housing Developments

    Solar Dynamics Hot Water Systems efficiently provide the hot water needs of several housing developments in Barbados and across the Caribbean.

  • A Caribbean Leader

    Solar Dynamics Ltd is the market leader in the Caribbean and Barbados is rated in the top five leading nations worldwide in the use of solar energy for hot water.

    Solar Dynamics has manufacturing plants in Barbados and St. Lucia and distributes throughout the region.


Solar Dynamics: The Hottest Choice!

The Solar Dynamics Hot Water System is known to be the hottest solar hot water system. Its performance is temperature guaranteed which means that you are assured of the best quality and highest performance.

The diameter, thickness, and manufacture of the Solar Dynamics Copper Fin- tube is the industry’s leading- edge technology.

If you can find a flat plate, made-in-the-Caribbean solar hot water system, that’s:
1. Guaranteed Hotter
2. Made Better
3. Made with copper pipe that's wider in diameter and has greater wall thickness....WE WILL BUY IT FOR YOU!

We Are Solar Dynamics - Tried, Tested, and Proven Performance for over 40 Years!

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We've been making solar hot water systems since 1974 and have developed several models, each designed to provide the longest life. We command over 60% of the market in the Caribbean region. Internationally, Solar Dynamics and Barbados are recognized as leaders in the development and use of solar technology.



James Husbands contributes to the publication of the United Nations Environment Programme Report on Solar Water Heating in the Tourism Industry in the Caribbean.
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Dr. Husbands delivers speech - "Can Meaningful Entrepreneurship Shape Our Economy" to the Barbados Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, April 20, 2016.


The Barbados government and Central Bank hosted an Alternative Energy Conference in Barbados where James Husbands presented on the benefits of using alternative energy sources.


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