Barbados remains at #1 in the world in the BTU Solar Water Heater penetration per 1,000 population!

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has announced that Barbados is still the number one country in the world in British Thermal Unit per thousand penetration 2017. Barbados achieved this position in 2015.

Solar Dynamics is pleased to be at the forefront of the developments of Solar technology which has led Barbados to Global prominence as #1 in the World in Btu (temperature) penetration per 1,000 population  and we thank all who have helped to make this possible – Governments, bankers, customers, workers, competitors and collaborators. Read the IEA publication.



Solar Dynamics… Barbados’ 5 Star Solar Hot Water System

  • Hottest @ 863.5 Btu (FSEC tested)

  • Highest Heat Retention: 3.2 Btu per hr heat loss vs. 6.2 of competitor (FSEC)

  • Strongest:  NEW Collector cabinetry made of extruded Aluminium.

  • Safest:  Installed with NEW  “Storm Secure” Mounting Hardware for greatest safety.

  • Best Guarantee:  World’s First Temperature/ Performance Guarantee 360/135F+-5F.

SOLAR DYNAMICS is the Best-In-Class solar hot water system that has led Barbados becoming the first in the World in thermal performance Btu per 1,000 population.



Be Storm Secure with the all new Storm Secure System!

solar dynamics storm secure system
solar dynamics storm secure system
solar dynamics storm secure system

Have you been concerned about the safety of your solar water heater in storm conditions? Solar Dynamics Limited has the solution. We’ve made revolutionary changes to our hot water systems to address these concerns.

Storm Secure Features

  • The collector is made of extruded aluminium; unlike the sheet metal of previous systems.
  • The top and bottom extrusions carry a base channel, in which a heavy secure aluminium fixture in located to anchor the collector to your roof. This anchor slides into place, and is secured with screws.
  • The collector’s base is secured to roofing or rafters, to resist uplift winds. It’s designed to be attached to all roofing materials.

The “Storm Secure” Solar Dynamics Hot Water System is the answer to your concerns of safety of solar hot water systems in hurricane conditions.

Upgrade your existing system

You can upgrade the safety of your Solar Water Heater with “Storm Secure”. Just contact us: 425-1540.

solar dynamics hot water system
Built to Last

A Solar Dynamics Hot Water System is built to last, with the most current technologies: safety tempered glass,  fusion bonded finned heat absorber plates; magnesium anodes which protect the inner lining of the tank,  polyurethane insulation to retain the heated temperature of the water; temperature that is the first ever guaranteed in the industry.

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fsec tested solar dynamics heaters
Florida Energy Centre Tested

The Florida Solar Energy Centre (FSEC Test #00054 ), tested the Single Panel Solar Dynamics Hot Water System and found it produced 863.5 BTU per sq. ft. and had the lowest heat loss of 3.2 BTU per hr ˚F. Our systems are the most efficient flat plate solar collectors in the Caribbean.

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two types of solar dynamics hot water systems
Two Types of Installations

Solar Dynamics Limited offers two types of installations – natural circulation, where the storage tank is located slightly above the solar collector panel; and the pumped or split circulation, where the storage tank is in a location other than the roof.

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