Solar Dynamics Limited Wins 2017 BUILD Sustainable Building Awards

For the second year in a row,  Solar Dynamics Limited has won the BUILD Magazine’s Award for Best for Solar Water Heating – Caribbean.

United Kingdom, 2017– BUILD Magazine has announced winners of the 2017 Sustainable Building Awards.

Following on from the success of last years’ awards, the 2017 Sustainable Building Awards celebrate the trailblazers of this dynamic industry. What started out as a niche sector, is now one of the key contributors to the wider construction industry. These awards are designed to recognise the high-level of dedication and skill that has been displayed by the innovative firms and individuals of this remarkable industry.

Steve Simpson, Awards Coordinator, expressed his pride in the deserving winners: “This awards programme is full of firms and individuals who are driving innovation and excellence in this crucial market. I would just like to congratulate each and every one of them winners and wish them the best of fortunes for the future.”

To read more about Solar Dynamics on BUILD please visit to view the winners supplement and full winners list.


Solar Dynamics Ltd has been named: Best for Solar Water Heating – Caribbean in the 2016 Sustainable Building Awards, by Build News.


Profile of Solar Dynamics Limited in the Build News 2016 Architecture Awards magazine

Offering an overview of the global market, the 2016 Sustainable Building Awards recognises the very best the industry has to offer. Build News aim to recognise and reward the efforts of individuals and firms across the world who have helped improve the global construction industry and implement environmentally friendly building.

The last few decades have seen the green construction market evolve from a niche sector to a key contributor to the wider construction industry. Evolutions in technology, marketing and consumer expectations have driven vast growth in the market and provided many firms with the opportunity to showcase their creative flare and innovative thought processes.

From those individuals who design completely sustainable, energy efficient buildings to the companies who implement the ideas into intricate, sustainable constructions, the Sustainable Building Awards 2016 aim to accentuate the tireless work undertaken by those individuals or firms who, through their dedication and desire to improve the working and living environment, have moulded and changed the global construction market for the better.

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Barbados National Industrial Awards 2006

A special innovation award was given to three companies that have been involved in commercializing solar technology development. Solar Dynamics Limited was one of those companies.