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James Husbands made honorary member of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers

The Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) has noted the outstanding contribution of James Husbands to the engineering profession over the years. Consequently, he was identified by the association’s nomination committee to be inducted as an ‘honorary member of the association.
On Dec 1, 2018, James Husbands was made an an Honorary Member of The Barbados Association of Professional Engineers for his work in Solar Thermal systems.


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James Husbands addresses launch of Saint Lucia Development Bank Climate Adaptation Financing Facility

Solar Dynamics was the region’s first effort in the response to the 1973 energy crisis and has been a steady contributor to saving energy, promoting environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and productivity says James Husbands. The company was established in Barbados soon after the 1973 oil crisis, and in Saint Lucia in 1993 with Minvielle and Chastanet Ltd. being the 51% shareholder.

Husbands said that the over 12,000 solar water heaters installed in Saint Lucia each save homeowners 3145 kWh of energy per year, representing a saving this year of $2, 767.60 based on electricity cost of $0.88 per kWh. The solar hot water system each save carbon emission of .042 ton and 1.85 barrels of oil imports. Cumulatively,  he said the 12,000 solar hot water systems will this year save Saint Lucia EC $ 37, 740, 000 and 22, 200 barrels of avoided oil imports.

Husbands, the longest serving manufacturer and developer of solar hot water systems in the Caribbean has been honoured in his homeland Barbados with a Gold Crown Of Merit Insignia, an Honorary doctorate from The University of The West Indies, a Laureate in The Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence in Science and Technology and a Pioneer Award from The World Renewable Energy Congress.

Husbands provided a comparison of savings using a solar water heater to a storage electric water heater.

By comparison, the average Saint Lucian family would save $51.432.43 over a 16 year period by using a solar water heater based on a moderate energy increase every fourth year.
Husbands made reference to a United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) survey in which Bay Gardens Hotels recorded a 95% to 100% satisfaction rate and a return on investment of 40% per year over the 20 year period in which Solar Dynamics hot water systems was installed at their facilities.

In his address, he apologized to customers who were affected during the protracted transition period when Solar Dynamics Barbados sought to take control of its business interest in the Saint Lucia company. He explained that the company has been climbing out of the hole in which it was left.

He said that on taking the company over, it was discovered that 90% of its assets had been dissipated during the period of negotiation between 2007 and 2013. On October 1, 2013, he was finally able to take control of the St.Lucia company, acquiring the 51% controlling interest which Minvielle & Chastanet Ltd owned.

Congratulating the Saint Lucia Development Bank on its financing initiative, he said that a larger number of families will now be able to avail themselves of the comfort of the solar hot water system. Husbands cited the fact that every morning, families using cold water have difficulty getting the children, and even some adults into the cold shower. This very often results in lateness for school and work and affects national productivity.

The solar hot water system was among a group of items selected by the St.Lucia Development Bank which contribute to mitigation efforts to combat climate change.
Greenhouse Technology, Awnings and Storm shutters, and solar electrical systems are also being financed through the facility which carries an attractive interest rate of 4.5%, and up to 7 years to repay.

Download pdf on Solar Dynamics’ Contribution to Climate Change.

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For the second year in a row, Solar Dynamics Named Best Solar Water Heater- Caribbean

For the second year in a row,  Solar Dynamics Limited has won the BUILD Magazine’s Award for Best for Solar Water Heating – Caribbean.

United Kingdom, 2017– BUILD Magazine has announced winners of the 2017 Sustainable Building Awards.

Following on from the success of last years’ awards, the 2017 Sustainable Building Awards celebrate the trailblazers of this dynamic industry. What started out as a niche sector, is now one of the key contributors to the wider construction industry. These awards are designed to recognise the high-level of dedication and skill that has been displayed by the innovative firms and individuals of this remarkable industry.

Steve Simpson, Awards Coordinator, expressed his pride in the deserving winners: “This awards programme is full of firms and individuals who are driving innovation and excellence in this crucial market. I would just like to congratulate each and every one of them winners and wish them the best of fortunes for the future.”

To read more about Solar Dynamics on BUILD please visit to view the winners supplement and full winners list.


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Solar Dynamics Limited chats with Voice of Barbados’ Dennis Johnson

James Husbands of Solar Dynamics Limited sat down for a chat with veteran radio announcer/producer from Voice of Barbados’ Dennis Johnson recently. On the agenda: what’s the latest news with Solar Dynamics, how much money can you really save with a solar hot water system and just HOW hot IS hot?

Have a listen:

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UNEP Report on Solar Water Heating in the Tourism Industry – Case Studies on St Lucia and Barbados Hotels

This report provides a starting point for tourism businesses that are interested in exploring the opportunity of SWH. Specifically, this report focuses on SWH opportunities for small to medium sized hotels.


Since opening in 1995, Bay Gardens in St Lucia began exploring options to reduce their operating costs and soon after installed SWH system across the property with the help of Solar Dynamics, the only SWH supplier and installer in the region at the time. When asked what would happen if Bay Gardens were to move back to conventional electric heating, the maintenance manager, Kenneth Augustin shared, “Our operating costs would double!”…


The solar water heating system for Turtle Beach was installed in 1997 by Solar Dynamics. In all, the systems measure 251 sq.m., and are designed to serve 100% of the resort’s hot water load. Even with the occasional use of electrical boosters, the resort has reduced its energy bill for heating water by 95%.

View UNEP report case studies about Solar Dynamics Limited

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UWI, UTECH and Edinburgh Napier University Tour Solar Dynamics Ltd

On January 16, 2016 participants in the IDB BRIDGE Project for Capacity Building in ICT and Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean, SEED (Student Entrepreneurial Empowerment Development Project) in Barbados and from the Edinburgh Napier University of the UK, toured Solar Dynamics Limited.

The group of 30, which included managers, directors, lecturers and entrepreneurs, heard from past and current managers about the company’s journey and on the successes and challenges of operating in the energy sector over the years.

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James Husbands speaks as a panelist at the Barbados Chamber of Commerce Luncheon- April 20, 2016.

Theme: “Can Meaningful Entrepreneurship Shape Our Economy”.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this important conversation. The introduction of the term “meaningful” – as in meaningful entrepreneurship – re-positions the dialogue that we have been having nationally on entrepreneurship over the years; and I’m excited to be part of this evolved discussion. The first thought I had when I saw the theme, “Can Meaningful Entrepreneurship Shape Our Economy”, was meaningful how and meaningful to whom?

Download full document: Meaningful Entrepreneurship

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James Husbands Part of CARICOM’s Science & Technology Committee

ST. GEORGE — Prime Minister the Rt. Honorable Dr. Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister responsible for Science and Technology (S&T) in CARICOM has signaled his intentions to strengthen the S&T capacity in the region so that it can, in the shortest possible time, assist with economic and social development.

To achieve this objective, the Honorable Prime Minster launched at his Office on January 10, 2014 a CARICOM S&T Committee comprising of some of the region’s well known personalities who have been laboring in the vineyard of S&T for over a decade. These are Professors Harold Ramkissoon, President Emeritus of CARISCIENCE (Chair), Ishenkumba Kahwa, Deputy Principal of the Mona Campus, UWI, Dr. Arnoldo Ventura, former Advisor to the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Mr. James Husbands, Director of Solar Dynamics and Mr. Kent Mitchell. Representing the Diaspora in this Committee is Professor Cardinal Warde, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

The Committee has been mandated to, inter alia, swiftly promote the development of S&T in CARICOM as a tool for economic development by working closely with all Governments and scientific organizations in the region, and serve as an advisory body to the Prime Minister responsible for S&T in CARICOM.

The first meeting of this Committee took place in Grenada on January 10, 2014 at the Prime Minister’s Office.

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