The Solar Dynamics Hot Water System is built with the industry’s largest diameter copper headers, and state of the art “fusion-bonded” copper fin-tube waterways.

Fusion bonding eliminates the need for solder; producing the most rapid absorption and transfer of the solar energy. That is why the Solar Dynamics Hot Water System is the hottest, guaranteed!

The new Solar Dynamics exclusive extruded aluminium collector cabinetry, with the “storm secure “mounting hardware, and safety tempered glass is the leader in protection against storm and hurricane force winds.

Its hot water storage tank is built with an internal porcelain enamel coated inner tank to ensure fresh, clean water quality. The tank’s internal magnesium anode provides cathodic protection to ensure the longest tank life. You can be sure that the new Solar Dynamics storage tank’s porcelain enameled internal coating has not undergone any change through welding.

Solar Dynamics production technologies ensure the longest system life with the highest temperature. The Florida Solar Energy Centre (FSEC) tests confirm the energy absorption at 863.5 Btu per square foot of collector and lowest heat loss at 3.2 Btu heat loss per hour (as compared to 6.2 of another system).

The Solar Dynamics Hot Water System is the value leader, providing the longest life, highest temperature, most robust storm-resistant materials. Your investment will yield the highest return.

Superior Quality & Service Features

  • Designed for safe use, each collector is covered with Safety Tempered Glass.
  • All aluminum cabinetry ensures the longest life in all weather conditions.
  • Magnesium Anode provides cathodic protection to extend the life of the Solar Dynamics storage tank.
  • 100% Polyurethane Insulation retains the maximum heat of the stored hot water for later use.
  • The highest performance: 863.5 Btu per sq ft of collector
  • The lowest heat loss: 3.2 Btu per hour
  • Full fusion bonded /Mechanical bond
  • Temperature Guarantee: Selective surface collector coating ensures the maximum heat absorption while reducing emissivity. The result is the delivery of the promised temperature by Solar Dynamics.
  • Performance Guarantee: 5 year Pro-rated Guarantee: service at discounts ranging from 100% in year 1; 80% in year 2; 60% in year 3; 40% in year 4; and 20% in Year 5.

Gallon Sizes

There are two 50-gallon systems; one with 20 feet of collector, the other with 25 feet of collector. (Model 5020, Model 5025).

There are two 65 gallons systems: Model 6525 with 25 feet of collector and Model 6533 with 33 feet of collector. Model 6533 was tested by the Florida Solar Energy Centre and found to have the lowest heat loss of any solar water heater

There are two 80-gallon systems: Model 8033 with 33 feet of collector and Model 8042 with 42 feet of collector.

Solar Dynamics sells six different models of hot water systems, based on gallon and size and square feet of collector.

  • Model 5020 – 50 gallons / 20 inches insulation
  • Model 5025 – 50 gallons / 25 inches insulation
  • Model 6525  – 65 gallons / 22 inches insulation
  • Model 6533 – FSEC tested – 65 gallons / 33 inches of insulation
  • Model 8033 – 80 gallons / 24 inches insulation
  • Model 8042 – FSEC tested – 80 gallons / 42 inches of insulation

The design of and length of the tanks are the same; the diameter of each model is different.

Circulation Types

Components of the Solar Dynamics Hot Water System

Download diagrams of plinth systems for 52 and 80 gallon systems here.