Are you experiencing low hot water temperature?

So you find that the temperature of the hot water is not what you are used to?

Finding the source of the hot water concern is a phased one.

Of course, if you are a first-time user of a solar water heater, and it was installed during the highest solar radiation months (May to August), you would find that as the winter solstice arrives (November to February/March) there is a shorter solar day and the sun is setting more south west.

So there is a range of temperatures which you will have during the course of the year with summer being the hottest, and December to February being less hot.

If you have an unusual concern about the temperature you are getting, it may be helpful to do the attached exercise, and report your findings to your supplier.

Household Steps

We ask your kind co-operation in completing the household user  information of the first phase.


DAY 1 Procedure:

When leaving home on the 1st morning of the test, turn the stop valves of the Solar water heater to the “off” position.

(Please advise us if you do not have access to the stop valve/s so that we can address that concern).

This would allow measurement and comparison of the temperature at the end of the 1st day of the test.

On arriving home on the evening of Day 1.

1.Turn the stop Valve/s to the “on” position.

Please note and report on the following:

a. Evening Temperature is same as usual.

b. Slightly Improved evening Temperature

c. The Evening temperature of the water is much hotter.

After the family’s evening use, turn the hot water valves to the system “OFF” position again.

DAY 2.

On the following morning, turn the system “on” for the regular morning family use.

Please give us a result as follows:

  1. There was great improvement in morning temperature.
  2. There was modest improvement in morning temperature.
  3. There was no improvement in morning temperature.

Repeat the process from Day 1, and report Day 2 results on Day 3.

The results of this survey will  better allow us to focus the Technical team as to the source of concern which needs to be addressed.

Of course the easiest one to address is the Solar Dynamics Hot Water System itself.

Other causes

There are other element that may be of concern.

  1. Cartridge/s of Mixers: When these are worn, they affect the water heating system’s performance. The worn cartridge/s would need to be identified and replaced.
  1. Possible Leak in distribution plumbing: pressure testing of the distribution line by pumping air into the line, and observing if there is a drop in pressure, is done by the Technical Team. A drop in pressure would indicate that there is a leak in the plumbing line. The location of the leak would need to be determined and corrected.

We look forward to receiving the first tranche of information, and to working assiduously to identify and address your concerns.