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Remarks from James Husbands at Caribbean Awards for Excellence 2019

Good Evening. I am excited to talk about the Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence, and to provide a report card of building out and sustaining the Solar water heating industry.  The Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence is the region’s greatest private sector contribution to the acknowledgement of effort of Caribbean people, in Arts & Letters, Entrepreneurship, Public & Civic Contribution, and Science and Technology.

We thank the founding father the late Dr. Anthony Sabga for his vision, foresight and financing of this inspirational programme. Dr Sabga’s story of determination and continuous development, is an inspiration to all of us. I believe that at many levels we share his view that “all things are possible”. We thank the Country Selection Committees for their dedicated work. We thank the group of Eminent Persons who tirelessly make the final selection process. This is indeed a labour of love from our dedicated and noble team.

The distinguishing difference of the Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence is that prize money is given to the Laureates to help them fulfill their dreams. That is a huge differentiator.  Taking your work forward requires resources. Usually money helps! Thanks to the Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence, its Laureates will have some money for their projects or for new ideas.

This evening we are here to celebrate the achievements of our 2019 Laureates, to bask in their success, and to encourage them on their way to dreaming bigger dreams, and achieving greater success. This year we salute winners in: Entrepreneurship Ms. Kimala Bennett; Arts and Letters Ms. Danielle Diefenthaller, Science and Technology Professor Michael Taylor and Public and Civic Contributions Mr. Corey Lane.

I thank the Barbados Selection Committee, and the Eminent Persons Committee for selecting Corey Lane; the youngest Laureate as Barbados and the region’s winner for Public and Civic Contribution. Corey is an exceptional person whose passion for “At risk youth” has become a blessing to many families and to the society of Barbados. Corey’s program is one, in which there is need of repetition across our region. Perhaps even helping  the “At Risk not so young” and “At Risk entrepreneurs”.

This evening we will learn more about the work of Professor Michael Taylor on Climate Change. Climate Change is the uninvited elephant in the room. We look forward to hearing more about Climate Change from our 2019 Laureate in Science and Technology, Professor Michael Taylor. We say a big thank you to The Sabga family.

We appreciate the continued effort of Sabga Family and The Ansa Mc Cal Group of Companies; certainly, the Caribbean’s most conscious business; concerned “not only about how well the group does”, and also “how well we, as a people are doing”. This is demonstrated by their continued commitment to the Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence in the spheres of Arts and Letters, Public a

nd Civic Contribution, Entrepreneurship, Science and Technology.

The Ansa Mc Cal’s contribution of this programme is known to some, but not known “well enough” across  the region. I urge the Group to place this program on a high candle stick for all to see. I express heartfelt thanks that I was selected as the Anscafe Laureate in Science and Technology 2008. It has provided me with recognition regionally and internationally.

At a personal level, the award made me feel empowered to achieve greater heights, and to continue our journey to make our product the best in the hemisphere, and one of the best in the World. I have felt it a duty to bring recognition to my country Barbados and the Caribbean for Solar water heating to be at the center of excellence in solar thermal technologies.

So what have we achieved?

Barbados is now ranked #4 in the World in the penetration of Solar Water Heaters per 1000 populations. Research conducted by United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) on solar water heater system performance in the hospitality industry and rated by its users. Turtle Beach Resort in Barbados, whose installation was 17 years; and Bay Gardens Hotel if Saint Lucia, whose installation was 20 years, rated their satisfaction with system performance at 95% to 100% and return on investment at 40% to 45% annually. Many years ago, we had a difficulty in being able to say conclusively, that the contract for our hot water system had been fulfilled.

After all, how hot is hot? That is why we invented the Solar Dynamics Temperature Guarantee. It is the first such guarantee on a solar hot water system. The International Energy Agency, the World authority on energy has now converged with us and recently included temperature as a barometer.  I am happy to report that in their ratings on system performance, Barbados is #1 in the World at 488.54 Btu per 1,000 populations. We are followed by Cyprus at 398.41, Israel at 393.72 Austria at 384.18,and Greece at 286.54.

The volatile hurricane systems of 2017 have made us much more aware of our vulnerability. We have introduced the “Storm Secure “roof mounting hardware system to provide robust resistance to hurricanes. These roof mounting systems are made of long life Aluminium Extrusions and will soon be undergoing testing and rating.

We believe that we achieved our goal of creating widespread satisfaction of Solar hot water systems in Barbados, and Saint Lucia, and our other markets of Grenada, Antigua, Dominica, St. Kitts, Nevis, and Guyana.

Satisfaction with solar water heaters provides consumers with the confidence to invest in other solar technologies such as wind, and photovoltaic solar electricity systems.

Very soon, the Caribbean and the rest of the World will be well on the road to enjoying free energy compliments of the sun, wind and ocean tides. We are delighted to be a part of this transformational journey.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you.



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James Husbands made honorary member of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers

The Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) has noted the outstanding contribution of James Husbands to the engineering profession over the years. Consequently, he was identified by the association’s nomination committee to be inducted as an ‘honorary member of the association.
On Dec 1, 2018, James Husbands was made an an Honorary Member of The Barbados Association of Professional Engineers for his work in Solar Thermal systems.


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For the second year in a row, Solar Dynamics Named Best Solar Water Heater- Caribbean

For the second year in a row,  Solar Dynamics Limited has won the BUILD Magazine’s Award for Best for Solar Water Heating – Caribbean.

United Kingdom, 2017– BUILD Magazine has announced winners of the 2017 Sustainable Building Awards.

Following on from the success of last years’ awards, the 2017 Sustainable Building Awards celebrate the trailblazers of this dynamic industry. What started out as a niche sector, is now one of the key contributors to the wider construction industry. These awards are designed to recognise the high-level of dedication and skill that has been displayed by the innovative firms and individuals of this remarkable industry.

Steve Simpson, Awards Coordinator, expressed his pride in the deserving winners: “This awards programme is full of firms and individuals who are driving innovation and excellence in this crucial market. I would just like to congratulate each and every one of them winners and wish them the best of fortunes for the future.”

To read more about Solar Dynamics on BUILD please visit to view the winners supplement and full winners list.


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James Husbands awarded LLD Honorary Doctorate from the University of the West Indies







During its 2012 round of graduation ceremonies, the University of the West Indies (UWI) conferred a total of 20 honorary doctorates. Mr James Husbands was awarded the LLD honorary doctorate at the UWI Cave Hill Campus in Barbados on October 20, 2012.

Download the feature address delivered by Dr. Husbands. (pdf)

Video of UWI Speech (part 1)

Part 2

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