What some of our clients say about Solar Dynamics Hot Water Systems



“…I thank you very much for your advice. I have learnt so much from you that I am able to do my maintenance by myself. With your help I have set up my 80 gallon solar water heater and my family is now enjoying the benefits that come with it. What is most amazing is the age of this working system which is unbelievable. This system was on a roof in Barbados for a number of years and now I have it in Guyana. Keep up the good work at Solar Dynamics.”

~ Joseph Roopchand, Guyana

“…Fantastic performance, even in rainy weather!”

~ Mrs. Sandra Herbert, Barbados

“Solar Dynamics provides all the hot water we need. Our electricity bill has been reduced by nearly 40% and the water is always hot.”

~ Mrs. Patricia Chuck, Kingston, Jamaica

“Our Solar Dynamics Hot Water System is good. It’s cost effective. We are very very satisfied.”

~ Mr. Uriel Bogle, St. Thomas, Jamaica

“Regardless of the weather, we get hot water from our system. It’s a sound investment and we recommend it highly.”

~ Mrs. Monica Brown, St. James, Jamaica

“…the water is very hot. It saves me time, it saves me money. I am very pleased with my solar.”

~ Mrs. Teresa Kammakie, T’s Place, St. Lucia

“The best money I’ve ever spent!”

~ Mrs. Ermie Springer, Barbados

“We have been using Solar Dynamics Water heaters over the years. We have been satisfied with their performance and we recommend them highly.”

~ Mr. Wayne Brown, Designer/Builder, St. Lucia

“With Solar Dynamics it’s so easy…just turn the tap and all the hot water you need is there. It’s a good Caribbean product. Everyone should have one.”

~ Mrs. Heather Frampton, Jamaica

“It is a privilege and pleasure to be able to recommend Solar Dynamics. Apart from the efficiency of the system you can rely on the after sales service.”

~ Ms. Joyce Anatole,  St. Lucia