What some of our clients say about Solar Dynamics Hot Water Systems



“…Fantastic performance, even in rainy weather!”

~ Mrs. Sandra Herbert, Barbados

“Solar Dynamics provides all the hot water we need. Our electricity bill has been reduced by nearly 40% and the water is always hot.”

~ Mrs. Patricia Chuck, Kingston, Jamaica

“Our Solar Dynamics Hot Water System is good. It’s cost effective. We are very very satisfied.”

~ Mr. Uriel Bogle, St. Thomas, Jamaica

“Regardless of the weather, we get hot water from our system. It’s a sound investment and we recommend it highly.”

~ Mrs. Monica Brown, St. James, Jamaica

“…the water is very hot. It saves me time, it saves me money. I am very pleased with my solar.”

~ Mrs. Teresa Kammakie, T’s Place, St. Lucia

“The best money I’ve ever spent!”

~ Mrs. Ermie Springer, Barbados

“We have been using Solar Dynamics Water heaters over the years. We have been satisfied with their performance and we recommend them highly.”

~ Mr. Wayne Brown, Designer/Builder, St. Lucia

“With Solar Dynamics it’s so easy…just turn the tap and all the hot water you need is there. It’s a good Caribbean product. Everyone should have one.”

~ Mrs. Heather Frampton, Jamaica

“It is a privilege and pleasure to be able to recommend Solar Dynamics. Apart from the efficiency of the system you can rely on the after sales service.”

~ Ms. Joyce Anatole,  St. Lucia