Solar Dynamics responds to competitor’s complaint about efficiency.


As we understand it, the complaint of our competitor is that Solar Dynamics Ltd is stating that it’s system is more efficient.


Solar Water heater efficiency is usually expressed as:

1.Btu per square foot of collector/heat delivered by system:

The complainant’s collector area of test #0069 of October 2006 comprising 2 collectors totaling 36.66 sq. ft, produced 31,100 Btu.
When one divides the Btu delivered by the collector area employed, the system delivered 848.33 Btu per sq. ft.
The Solar Dynamics Ltd November 2003 FSEC Test #0054 comprising 33.35 sq. ft of collector delivered 28,800 Btu.
When we divide the Btu by the square foot of collector, the Solar Dynamics collector delivered 863.5 Btu per sq.ft.

The more efficient collector rating is 863.5 Btu per square foot of collector, produced by Solar Dynamics in its Model #6633 Solar Hot Water System as tested, rated, and certified by Florida Solar Energy Centre, Florida.

The rating of 848.33 of the complainant’s system is therefore lower than Solar Dynamics efficiency of 863.5,although the complainant’s system was produced 3 years later.


A solar hot water system is required to keep the “hot water hot” for the user’s later use. Generally for more than 14 hours between 5.00 p.m. and the following morning 7.00 a.m.
The lower the heat loss, the better the system retains its heat. The Test #0054,October 2006 of the complainant, as stated by Florida Solar Energy Centre is 3.3W/0C or 6.2 Btu/hr.0F.
The Solar Dynamics November 2003 Florida Solar Energy Centre reports a heat loss of 1.7W/0C or 3.2 Btu /hr. 0F.

The complainant’s system’s heat loss is more than the Solar Dynamics Hot Water System’s heat loss.

The complainant’s system conclusively generates less heat per square foot of collector and loses more heat than the Solar Dynamics Hot Water System as tested rated and certified by Florida Solar Energy Centre of Florida.

The Solar Dynamics Hot Water System met the criteria laid down by FSEC as follows:

The equipment was selected from the quantity of systems specified.

The selection was done by a qualified, independent Mechanical Engineer, A De B Consultants Ltd.

The equipment sent was from our usual production and not specifically made for testing.

The Solar Dynamics Collector tested is the same sized collector that is offered in the market place.

The Solar Dynamics system met the criteria laid down as it used Tempered Glass from its own stock.

We thank you for your query, and remain available.
With every good wish,
Solar Dynamics Ltd
James Husbands
Managing Director.

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